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Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine

KyivA brief excursion will reveal the beauty and greatness of the ancient city Kyiv which is today the capital of Ukraine. It was here where the statehood of Kyivska Rus rose and this is the place where the new Ukraine is reviving.

Kyiv is the harmony of ancient monuments, modern architecture and nature. You will see the remaining architectural ensembles of the 11th -17th centuries and modern architecture, industrial and financial centre of the country.

Objects: Vladimirsky Cathedral, Sofiysky Cathedral, the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Mikhaylovsky Golden-topped Monastery, Andreevskaya Church, Babiy Yar, University, former Gimnasium, Opera House, National Philharmonic, Mariinsky Palace, Kyevo-Pecherska Laura.

Ancient Kyiv

During the excursion you will learn about the history of the city on the Dnipr-Slavutich which is recognized as the spiritual centre of Rus, Ukraine and the East Slavonic nations. You will also learn about the times of great princes reigns, blossoming of Kyiv as the capital of Kyivska Rus which is connected with the names of such personalities as Vladimir Sviatoslavich and his son Yaroslav the Wise, accepting of the Christian Orthodox faith, disintegration of Kyivska Rus, the invasion of Kyiv by Khan Batiy.

Objects: Golden Gate, Sofiysky Cathedral, Mikhaylovsky Golden-topped Monastery, Vladimirskaya Hill, the monument to prince Vladimir, Tithe Church.


Along the old streets of Podol

There is a constant exposition of one of the most ancient streets of the city which connected the Upper City with Podol the trading-craft district. Podol is the unique Mecca of the preserved life of ancient Kyiv.

During the excursion you will see one of the most ancient streets of the city Andreevsky descent, Andreevsaya Church, you will go upstairs to the viewing ground where you get a wonderful view of the city, you will visit M.Bulgakovs house-museum, Phlorovsky Monastery, Contract square and many other places.

Objects: Andreevsky descent, Andreevsaya Church, the statue of Pronya Procopovna and Svirid Golokhvastov, Contract house, Samson fountain, Kyivo-Mogelianska Academy.


The panorama of Kyiv from the Dnipr

By steam-ship along the Dnipr
Duration 1,5-2 hours

You cannot have full imagination and impression of Kyiv until you see it from the Dnipr. The blue-green hills of the city with ancient historical monuments and architectural ensembles are absolutely unique. After travelling by steam-ship under the bridges of Kyiv you will feel being its part. When you see this beauty in person you will fall in love with Kyiv.

Kyevo-Pecherska Laura

KyivOn the high hills of the right bank of the River Dnipr there is Kyevo-Pecherska Laura topped with golden domes and stretching to the sky. It is the cradle of monasticism in Rus and the stronghold of the Christian Orthodox faith.

The monastery Pecherska Laura was founded in the 11th century and was being built during the following 9 centuries. The name Pecherska originated from the word (cave). Caves were found in this area and they were the place where the first monks settled. Laura is an honorable name which was given only to big and significant monasteries.

KyivThe architectural complex of the monastery still makes a great impression on people. On a sunny day the glare of the numerous domes and belfry hurts your eyes.

Most buildings of the monastery date back to the 17th-18th centuries. They are a good example of the Ukrainian baroque architectural style.

The Museum of Life and Traditions of Ukrainian people Pirogovo

This is a fascinating trip to the village of Pirogovo where you can find the Museum of national architecture and life of Ukraine on the picturesque outskirts of Kyiv.

A visit to it gives you an opportunity to join the source of the Ukrainian spirit and have an unforgettable walk around the open area. Traditional fairs are held and holidays are celebrated according to the national traditions in the area of the Museum.

Its territory is divided into separate zones relating to the historical regions of the country. The structures of the Museum, except some of them, are the genuine pieces of the national woodwork, which were transferred from different regions of Ukraine (there are over 320 pieces here).

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